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Neil Salisbury, Course Director

Born in Bristol in 1974,

Neil has been interested in outward bound since childhood, his interest first started when he joined the Sea Cadets, taking part in many Adventure Training competition's as part of the team representing the South West of England, this is where his love of the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons stems from.

Later on in life he learnt about Ray Mears, in Neil's opinion Ray is "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be in the field (pun intended!) of survival and bush craft, if I only knew the things he has forgotten I'd probably know more than most other people do". Neil went on courses ran by Ray and his company Woodlore to learn and hone his skill's, as well as the Bush Medic course ran by Woodlore in association with Fusion Medical, instructed by Paul Kirtley, who at the time was course director for Woodlore, "second only to Ray Mears in his knowledge of Bush Craft". He later joined the Parachute Regiment, serving until injury ended that chapter in his life, he remains proud and loyal to his former regiment, and does all he can to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

During a conversation with another ex-squaddie friend of his, Bill Kenyon, they were talking about Bush Craft when they decided to see if they could combine their skills and interests in Bush Craft with a way of making a living.

Out Here Ltd was born!


Paul Bryan, Lead Instructor

Born in Bristol in 1976,

Paul has worked for Out Here since 2009 and has been lead instructor since 2011.

As well as instructing on the team building and survival courses, Paul is also responsible for the fishing trips.

"I’ve always had a great love of the outdoor life & going back to basics, so when the opportunity to work for Out Here came I jumped at the chance, as it gave me the opportunity to pass on what I’ve learned & to do something I have loved for as long as I can remember,it’s a great feeling seeing a TEAM leave us, knowing that two days previously they arrived as individuals."

"One of my favourite times during a course, is in the evening around the camp fire, listening to the team talking about the experiences of their day, and seeing the enthusiasm for being there in their faces !"


Bill Kenyon, Course Director

Unfortunately Bill has had to step down as an active instructor due to ill health but remains as a course director helping to design courses with Neil for Out Here.

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 The Out Here Team