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Out Here Charity Weekend

Welcome to the Out Here charity weekend, this is a course that has been designed at the request of some clients that wish to undertake a challenge that they can use as a sponsored activity to raise funds for the charities of their choice.

The duration is two and a half days and two nights under canvas, it includes two breakfast’s, two dinners, two lunches and soft refreshments while at base camp.

While this weekend includes around fifteen miles of walking, including some of which is mildly strenuous and uphill, getting wet and some crawling, We have designed the weekend so that anyone can take part.


The weekend starts by setting up camp at our base camp, once this is done we will be doing a meet and greet session and safety briefing.

Then we begin !

We start with our popular Team Building 101, this is a combination course designed for team building; we have found that this is a very effective course for developing team work.

It’s interesting, fun, but not too strenuous so anyone can take part, as there is the chance that not everyone on this weekend will know the other participants, it is an ideal way to start the weekend.

The Lava Field

This part of the course is split into three challenges that you and your team will have to negotiate; it’s a fun and very interesting way developing team work.

The three challenges are:-

The Tower

Inside small lava pond is a tower of crates, on the top of the tower is a bucket of freezing cold Brecon Beacons river water, all you have to do is move the bucket from the tower to outside the lava pond without stepping foot inside the pond, just using two lengths of rope and team work. You will be needing the water later so don’t spill any! What could be easier?

When the bucket is safely outside the pond you will be given some containers to fill with water from the bucket.

Lava Stepping Stones

This is our version of the classic “minefield “course, as a team you will find a path through this small lava field, carrying your container of water.

From here on you will be carrying your container of water until the other side of the lava course.

Team work will be essential here to deal with the extra problems that we will be giving you as you cross!!

Lava Crossing

This is our take on a classic team building excersise, obviously you are not going to crossing real a lava field, so a bit of imagination is needed here !

Carrying the now ever present water filled containers you then have to cross the lava as a team without spilling a drop!

Using crates (1 per team member) you have to get to the other side without breaking contact with the crates or your team mates all while keeping the water container in your hand!

Lose contact with a crate you lose it, lose contact with a team member you lose a crate; if the water container leaves your hand you lose the water!

Once the entire team is across you will need All of the water for the added extra!!

Team work is essential here!


There are only two rules for the Lava Field:-

1 ) The water containers must be kept in your HAND at all times, holding or carrying it any other way will result in you losing it, as will putting it down.

2) ANY loss of physical contact with any of the crates or your team members during the lava crossing will result in losing a crate.

Shelter Building

You will be shown as a group how to construct a basic “A Frame” shelter, you will only be shown one time, so pay attention!

As individuals you may not have taken in all of the detail of construction, but, we guarantee that as a group you will collectively have all the information needed to build your shelter.

Will any of you be brave enough to sleep in it??

Lunch 1 hour.

After lunch we set off on a nice gentle walk !

Gentle Walk

This gentle walk starts at our base camp; It covers roughly four miles of stunning Brecon’s views including a beautiful forest, picturesque lakes filled with reed mace (Cats Tails) and a river crossed with ancient stone bridges.

This walk serves as a nice warm up to the more strenuous walks we will be undertaking the following day.

As with all of Out Here’s activities there will be of course excellent photo opertunities.

Once back at camp, the Out Here staff will cook dinner, but beware, none of us are Gordon Ramsay !!!

The rest of the evening is your own.


We rise at 07:00 for ablutions and breakfast (again cooked by you brilliant chef’s !).

At 08:30 we depart for the start of the day’s activities, beginning with our Waterfall Walk.

Britain has larger and more dramatic waterfalls, but seldom can you see so many falls in such a small area. Talybont is a classic "hanging valley" where water cascades into a glacial valley occupied by the largest reservoir in the Brecon Beacons.

We start our trek from Blaen Y Glyn car park

You are promised some stunning views and they won’t disappoint!

We start by following a path along the river avoiding fallen trees and other things that Mother Nature has put there, until we reach a gully that has to be descended to cross the river, this can be very slippery and deep so caution is paramount.

On the way we encounter many waterfalls (unsurprising given the name of the walk!) as we follow the upstream.

We continue following upstream until we reach some ruins, this is an ideal place for lunch.

Lunch 1 Hour

We continue upstream until a crossing point and towards a forest.

Now the aching legs!

Walk towards the apparent summit ahead/right, which is the headland of the Craig Fan Du ridge. The path along the ridge is not clear at first but follow its line, moving towards the right hand side of the ridge until you pick up the path proper, which runs along the edge of a cliff. Some sections are marked with cairns and the ridge gradually narrows.

We follow this round until we arrive at the monument and wreckage of a crashed World War 2 bomber. We will stop here for a break and an opportunity to pay respects and take some stunning photos, a lot of people leave a card or wreath; feel free to do so too.

Now we start to make our way down joining the Waterfall Walk and re-walk the last bit until we get to a crossing point and towards and through a forest.

We cross a cattle grid then onto 3 culverts that empty into a waterfall, we crawl through these!

Then it’s a half mile walk to Torpantau Station, we wade through flood water roughly three feet deep until we get to the tunnel, torches are then taken off of you!

If this is part of Team Building then you will then construct a stretcher to carry through the tunnel, it is 666 meters of pitch darkness!

We will meet you at the other end with a nice cup of hot tea!

Once through we walk a hundred or so meters until we reach a hidden gem of a tunnel on our right, this is two tunnels over each other, its your choice which one you do or you can even do both if you wish, but you have to go through to cross to the final stretch.

Once through the tunnel/s we are in woodland on a steep path, this can be incredibly slippery so caution is paramount!

Negotiating fallen trees on the way down until we reach the bottom, this scramble was only 150 meters but feels like a mile!

At the bottom we reach the road, obvious caution is needed due to traffic, then it’s a fifth of a mile down hill to the car park where we started.

Then its back to base camp for dinner.

The rest of the evening is your own.


We rise at 08:00 for ablutions and breakfast.


When breakfast is finished, we will sit round the base camp fire discussing the weekend, while having refreshments before breaking camp and packing up.

The distance covered during the Waterfall Walk is a little over 10 miles. The ridges we walk are exposed and may be dangerous in stormy weather.

As with all Out Here courses, a group photo, certificate, dinner and breakfast is included in the price.