Out Here Ltd

We have nine basic courses / experiences. These are relatively short but can be combined in multiple ways to give a developmental experience to you and your staff that is tailored to your requirements.

We are only too happy give advice on the best combination to suit your needs.

All courses with the exception of "The Hunt” can be adapted as one day courses or can be combined for weekend courses.

We run a "more you do, the more you get out” system, with a certificate at the end of each course, these are Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The day courses are Bronze standard, to obtain a Silver you will need to do the " Plane Crash " plus any other course, this will be a two day course, to obtain the Gold you must do all of the courses, with the exception of " The Hunt " for a full three night camp out, or you can do " The Hunt " plus an orienteering refresher course.

A meal cooked by the instructors will be provided for dinner on the last evening, and breakfast will be provided each morning. All other meals will be self catering. Refreshments are provided during the day.

Most of these course can be adapted to your needs, with the already mentioned exceptions, you can consider our courses a kind of " Pick n' Mix " so you can build your own course.

Each client will receive along with their certificate a photograph of presentation, a group photo and a photographic log of you experience free of charge, if you take part in the "Target Shooting ", the winner will receive a certificate and a trophy for you to take home and display!

A full individual kit list will be provided and any specialist equipment will be provided by Out Here Ltd.

 Team Building 101, Lava Crossing, Target Shooting and Fishing courses take place at base camp, so refreshments are provided throughout the course.


We must make it clear that the First Aid that we teach is for team building purposes only, you WILL NOT leave any of our courses with a First Aid qualification !!!!

A water source will be provided on all courses that is both clean and ready to drink, but for use in scenario, consider it not to be so.

If you have any questions regarding any of our courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.